The Angwin Community Ambulance Company was a non-profit organization, staffed and operated continuously from 1977 to 2019 by volunteers and supported by the Angwin Community Council and the Napa County community. Our response territory covered approximately 260 sq mi of North East Napa County including Angwin, upper Deer Park, Pope Valley, upper Chiles Valley, Berryessa Estates and northern Lake Berryessa communities and recreational areas.


Angwin Community Ambulance Board Members

  • Dr. Doug Wilson, medical director
  • Stacey Bauer, CQI
  • Ryan Rojas, supplies mgr
  • Dennis Elkins, CFO
  • Joseph Shoemate, secretary/Chef
  • Bruce Setterlund, fleet mgr
  • James Robertson, training officer
  • Brad Setterlund, member-at-large
  • Quentin White, CEO/operations mgr

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