Angwin Community Ambulance Closes its Bay Doors

28 10 2019

After approximately 42 years of continuous operations in Napa County, ACA is shutting down. We have had fabulous support from our community during these years. But, like many all-volunteer organizations have experienced, the challenges for staffing, training, certification, communication structure, licensing, equipment & supply maintenance can beĀ  overwhelming for a small dedicated few. We have been extremely thankful and proud of our students that we were able to train into working EMT’s and then see some move on to EMS or medical careers. We will all miss the camaraderie and the experience of interfacing with and ministering to (and that is what it was for us) the needs of our community. ThankĀ  you for allowing us to serve you for so long.

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Napa County Flu Information

28 09 2019

Updated Flu Information

Each week the Center for Disease Control (CDC) analyzes information about the influenza disease activity in the United States and publishes findings of key flu indicators in a report called FluView:

Free Flu Vaccinations in Napa County